History of Athletics In Kerala

Athletics, the Mother discipline holds pride of place among all sports. It is particularly true of Kerala, which has consistently proved to be a mine of athletic talent throughout the history of organized athletics activity of the country. Men and Women athletes of Kerala from T.C.Yohannan and Suresh Babu to Primesh and Manojlal and P.T.Usha and Shiny Wilson to K.M.Beenamol, who have done the country proud, are legion.
Kerala has its humble beginning in athletics in the start of the twentieth century. The members of the East India Company and its associates promoted athletics in Kannur and Kozhikode. Athletics developed in the central Tavancore through the churches. In the early fifties and sixties competitions in athletics were organized in the play fields of even small churches in Idukki and Kottayam.