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History of Athletics In Kerala
Athletics, the Mother discipline holds pride of place among all sports. It is particularly true of Kerala, which has consistently proved to be a mine of athletic talent throughout the history of organized athletics activity of the country. Men and Women athletes of Kerala from T.C.Yohannan and Suresh Babu to Primesh and Manojlal and P.T.Usha and Shiny Wilson to K.M.Beenamol, who have done the country proud, are legion.

Kerala has its humble beginning in athletics in the start of the twentieth century. The members of the East India Company and its associates promoted athletics in Kannur and Kozhikode. Athletics developed in the central Tavancore through the churches. In the early fifties and sixties competitions in athletics were organized in the play fields of even small churches in Idukki and Kottayam.

The Kerala State Amateur Athletic Association, which evolved from the Travancore Amateur Athletic Association with the dawn of the country's independence in 1947, has had a glorious history. The Kerala State Amateur Athletic association had its origin in the Travancore Olympic Association, which was started in 1947 under the president ship of Col. Govinda Varma. Raja and secretary ship of Raghavan Nair. The Olympic Association had 4 units - Amateur Athletic, Volleyball, Basketball and Football. Sri Raghavan Nair was the secretary of Amateur Athletic also and the President was Sri. R.V. Raja. The first Kerala State Championship was conducted in 1957. State Association Organized a national championship for the first time in 1959 at Central Stadium Trivandrum.

Roll of Honor of Presidents and Secretaries

Period President Secretary Top

1951-1957 Col. Govinda.Varma. Raja Sri. Raghavan Nair

1957-1959 Col. Govinda.Varma. Raja Prof. Ramakrishnan Nair

1959-1962 Sri. E.P.Eapen Ex MLA Prof. K.A. Raghavan

1962-1974 Padmasree. K.M. Mathew Prof. K.A. Raghavan

1975-1978 Prof. Sivaprasad Prof. T.S. Joseph

1978-1985 Sri. Balagangadhara Menon IPS Prof. K.A.Raghavan

1985-1992 Sri. M.K.Joseph IPS Prof. S. Pazhania Pillai

1992-1995 Sri. Joseph Thomas IPS Sri. M.S. Kumaran

1995-1998 Sri. Joseph Thomas IPS Dr. Tony Daniel

1998-2000 Sri.J.A.Majeed Dr. Tony Daniel

2000-2008 Sri. J.A. Majeed Prof. Paul Aluvathingal

2008-2012 Mr. Baby Mathew Somateeram Prof. M.Velayudhan Kutty
2012-2016 Mr. Baby Mathew Somatheeram Prof. M Velayudhan Kutty

Olympian athletes from Kerala

Name Event Year & Venue of Olympics
C. K. Lekshmanan 110 m Hurdles 1924-Paris
Ivan Jacob 400m 1952-Helsinki
Suresh Babu High Jump 1972-Munich
T. C. Yohannan Long Jump 1976-Montreal
P. T. Usha 100m, 200m 1980-Moscow
P. T. Usha 400m Hurdles 1984-Los Angeles,1988-Seoul
Shiny Wilson 800m 1984-Los Angeles, 1988-Seoul, 1992-Barcelona, 1996-Atlanta
M. D. Valsamma 4x400m 1984-Los Angeles
Mercy Mathew Kuttan 400m 1988-Seoul
P. T. Usha 4x400m (Reserve) 1996-Atlanta
K. M. Beenamol 4x400m 1996-Atlanta, 2004-Athens
K. M. Beenamol 400m 2000-Sydney
K. M. Binu 400m 2004-Athens
Anju Bobby George Long Jump 2004-Athens,2008-Beijing, Padmasree in 2004
Chitra K. Soman 4x400m 2004-Athens, 2008-Beijing
Preeja Sreedharan 10000m 2008-Beijing[2]
Sini Jose 4x400m 2008-Beijing
Renjith Maheswary Triple Jump 2008-Beijing
Tintu Luka 800m 2012- London
Mayookha Johny Triple Jump 2012 London
Renjith Maheswary Triple Jump 2012 London
K T Irfan 20KM RW 2012 London

World Athletic Championship

1979 Montreal Suresh Babu

1983 Helsinki Mercy Kuttan

2003 Paris Anju Bobby George Bronze in Long Jump- First ever medal by an Indian

2009 Berlin Joseph G Abraham- 400mH
2011 Daegu South Korea

Renjith Maheswary-Triple Jump

Tintu Luka- 800m

Mayookha Johny Long Jump and Triple Jump

2013 Moscow

Tintu Luka- 4x400 Relay , Anu Mariam Jose 4x400 Relay

Renjith Maheswary - Triple JUMP 16.63

Irfan K T - 20 KM Rae Walk



Athletics represented India in Asian Games and Asian Track and Field


1951 Delhi Errol D'Clause 400mH

1954 Manila Ivan Jacob Bronze in 400m and 4x400 relay

1973 Manila (ATF) Sathish Pillai Bronze in Long Jump ( 7.53m)
Abdul Assis 3rd in 4x100m Relay (40.3 )
Francis Xavier 2nd in 20km walk
O.L. Thomas 3rd in 4x100m Relay (40.41)7th in 200 (21.80 Sec)
T.C.Yohannan 5th Long Jump (7.49) 3rd in Triple Jump ( 14.96m)

1974 Tehran T.C.Yohannan Gold and Asian record in Long Jump
Sathish Pillai Bronze in Long Jump
Suresh Babu Bronze in Decathlon

1975 Seoul (ATF) T.C.Yohannan Gold in Long Jump(7.65m)
Suresh Babu Gold in Decathlon (6931 pts)

1978 Bangkok Suresh Babu Gold in Long Jump
M.G.Muralikuttan Bronze in 400m Silver in 4x400

Tokyo (ATF) Suresh Babu Long Jump Silver (7.94)

Tokyo (ATF) M.G.Muralikuttan Bronze in 4x400 Rely(3:10.54)

New Delhi K K Premachandran Silver in 400m
Subash George 5th Place in Triple Jump

Jakarta (ATF) Ibrahim Cheenika Member of 4x400 team

New Delhi (ATF) Sanjeevan R 4th in Long jump (7.77m)
Eldo M A 8th in Pole Vault ( 4.70m)
C.S.Muralidharan Silver medal in 400m
P.V.Wilson 7th in Long Jump (7.56m)

Beijing P.V.Raju Member of Indian Team
Shyamkumar, 4th place in Long Jump
C.S.Muralidharan Represented India

Kuala Lumpur(ATF) Shyamkumar 5th in Long jump (7.76m)
Jossey Mathew 5th 800m ( 1:52.25)

Hiroshima P. I Sebastian Represented India in 400m and 4x400

Jakarta(ATF) Lijo David Thottan Member of Indian Tea

Fukuoka (ATF) P. Ramachnadran represented India
Lijo David Thottan 8th in 400m ( 46.64) 1998 Bangkok P.Ramachandran Silver in 4x400
Lijo David Thottan 4x400 Silver
P Anilkumar Silver in 100m

Jakarta (ATF) K.J.Manojlal Silver in 4x400m (3:02.78)
Lijo David Thottan Silver in 4x400m (3:02.78)
P.Ramachandran 5th in 400m (45.86) Silver in 4x400m (3:02.78)
Bobby Aloysius Gold in High Jump(1.83)

Colombo (ATF) T.M.Sajeev 6th in 1500 (3:51.46
Bussan P Anilkumar 100m and 4x100
Binu K M silver in 800m
Manojlal K J Silver in 4x400
P.Ramachandran Silver in 4x400

Manila ATF Manojlal K J , Vinod P J, Binu K M ,Primesh P S, P Anilkumar

2005 Incheon (ATF)  
2006 Doha Asian Games Joseph G Abraham. Binu K M, Aboobacker.,
2007 Jordan (ATF) Renjith Maheswary (Gold in Triple Jump), Bibbu Mathew (Bronze in Triple Jump) Joseph G Abraham (Silver in 400mH) Sarish Paul (Gold in 4x400) Binu K M (Gold in 4x400)
2009 Guangzhou (ATF) C Hamza( Bronze in 1500m), Joseph G Abraham (Silver in 400mH), Bibin Mathew (Bronze in 4x400m), Bineesh V B (Bronze in 4x400m)
2010 Guangzhou

Sajeesh Joseph- 800m

Chatholi Hamza- 1500m

Renjith Maheswary - Triple Jump 4th (16.76)

Joseph G Abraham - 400mH Gold (49.96)

P Kunhu Mohammed- 4x400m 4th

Bibin Mathew -4x400m 4th

Jithin Paul

Bineesh B


Bangkok Angel Mary Joseph Silver in Long Jump and Heptathlo
Tokyo (ATF) M.D.Valsamma Bronze in 400mH (61.16)
Mercy Kuttan Bronze in Long Jump(5.92) and 4x400
Angel Mary Joseph 5th in 400mH (62.09) 4th in Long Jump

Delhi Angel Mary Joseph 5th place in Heptathlon
M.D. Valsamma Gold in 400mH
Srikumari Amma Reserve in Relay teams
Padmini Selvan Bronze in 400m, Silver in 4x400
P.T.Usha Silver in 100m, 200m and 4x100
Mercy Kuttan Silvern in Long Jump
Kunjukunjamma 4x100 Silve
Kuwait (ATF) Mercy Kuttan 5th in Long Jump (6.04)
P.T.Usha Silver in 200m(24.68) Gold in 400m (54.20)Gol
Jakarta (ATF) M.D.Valsamma 5th in 100mH (14.02) Silver in 400mH (57.81) Bronze in 4x100m (45.22)
Shiny Abraham Gold in 800m ( 2:03.16) Gold in 4x400 (3:34.10
P.T.Usha Gold in 100m(11.64) 200m(23.05) 400m (52.62) 400mH (56.64) Bronze in 4x100 (45.22)4x400 (3:34.10)
Seoul P.T.Usha Gold in 400mH, 200m, 400m 4x100, 4x400And Silver in 100m
Shiny Wilson Disqualified after winning the 800m gold
M.D.Valsamma Gold 4x400

Singapore Sany Joseph Silver in 4x100m ( 45.49)
Shiny Wilson 4th in 800m (2:06.63) 6th in 1500m ( 4:27.90) Gold in 4x400m (3:34.50)
P.T.Usha Silver in 100m (11.74) Gold in 400m (52.31) 400mH (56.48) Silver in 4x100 (45.49) Gold in 4x400 (3:34.50)

New Delhi Sany Joseph Silver in 4x100 (44.87)
K.Saramma Silver in 4x100m (44.87) Gold in 4x400 (3:32.95)
Jolly Joseph 6th in Heptathlon (4612)
Rosakutty K C Silver in 800m ( 2:07.75 )7th in 1500 (4:28.69)
Shiny Wilson Silver in 400m (52.40 ) Gold in 800m ( 2:04.74) Gold in 4x400 (3:32.95)
P.T.Usha Silver in 100m (11.74) Gold in 200m (23.27) Gold in 400m (51.90) 400mH (56.14) Silver in 4x100 (44.87) Gold in 4x400 (3:32.95)
Mercy Kuttan Gold in 4x400 (3:32.95)
K.Saramma Gold in 4x400 (3:32.95)
Beijing P.T.Usha Silver in 400m, 4x100 and 4x400
K.Saramma Silver in 4x100 and 4x400
P Leelamma Silver in 10000m
Kuala Lumpur (ATF) Shantymol Philips 4th in 400mH(59.52)
L Leelamma Silver in 10000m ( 35:38.90)
Molly Chacko 5th in 1500m (4:30.71) Silver in 3000m (9:14.07)
Shiny Wilson Gold in 400m (53.46) Silver in 800m (2:05.18) Gold in 4x400 (3:33.50)
K Saramma Bronze in 400m (53.51) Gold in 4x400 (3:33.50)
Manila (ATF) Beena Augustine Bronze in 4x100m (45.34)
K.Saramma Bronze in 4x100m (45.34) Silver in 4x400 ( 3:36.06)
E.B.Shyla Bronze in 4x100m (45.34)
Molly Chacko Bronze in 1500m (4:20.98) Bronze in 3000m(9:24.57)
Shiny Wilson 5th in 400m (54.40) 4th in 800m (2:05.21) Silver in 4x400 ( 3:36.06)
K Saramma Bronze in 400m (52.83
Hiroshima P.T.Usha silver in 4x400
Beena Augustine
Moly Chacko
Jakarta (ATF) Rosakutty K C Silver in 4x400m ( 3:33.43)
Lekha Thomas 5th in Long Jump (6.30) 6th in Triple Jump (12.71)
Shiny Wilson Silverin 800m Silver in 4x400m ( 3:33.43)
Beena Augustine Bronze in 4x100m
Fukuoka (ATF) Rosakutty K C Silver in 4x400 (3:34.48)
P.T.Usha 200m Bronze (23.27) Bronze in 400m (52.55) Gold in 4x100 (44.43) Silver in 4x400 (3:34.48)
Bangkok Lekha Thomas Long Jump and Triple Jump
P.T.Usha Bronze in 200m an d400m Gold in 4x100 Silver in 4x400
K.M. Beenamol Silver in 4x400
Jakarta (ATF) K.M.Beenamol Gold in 4x400 (3:31.54)
Jincy Philip Gold in 4x400 (3:31.54)
Rosakutty K C Bronze in 800m ( 2:04.97) Gold in 4x400 (3:31.54)
Bobby Aloysius Gold in High jump (1.83)
Bussan Bobby Aloysius Bronze in High Jump
K.M.Beenamol Gold in 800m an d4x400 Silver in 400m
Anju Bobby George Gold in Long Jump
Jincy Philip Gold in 4x400m
Manjima Kuriakose Gold in 4x400m
2005 Incheon (ATF) Anju bobby George (Gold in Long jump), Chithra K Soman (Gold in 4x400)
2006 Doha Asian Games Chithra K Soman, Sinimole Paulose, Jaisha O P, Anju Bobby George
2007 Jordan Sinimole Paulose (Gold in 1500m, Silver in 800m) Preeja Sreedharan (ilver in 5000m) Anju Bobby George (Silver in Long Jump), Chithra K Soman (Gold in 400m & 4x400), Sini Jose (Gold in 4x400)
2009 Guangzhhou (ATF) Sini Jose (Gold in 4x400m) Chithra k Soman (Gold in 4x400m)
2010 Guangzhhou

Tintu Luka -800m Bronze (2:01.36)
Sinimole Poulose 800m
O P Jaisha- 1500m, 3000m SC
Jincy Philip Gold in 4x400m
Preeja Sreedharan- 5000m Silver (15:15.89), 10000m Gold (31:50.47)

Tiana Mary Thomas - 200m Sini Jose -4x400 Gold (3:29.02)

2014 Incheon, South Korea

Tintu Luka -4x400m Relay Gold, 800m Silver,
Sindu P V 4x100m Relay Bronze
O P Jaisha- 1500m Bronze

Junior Asian Track & Field Meet
1996 New Delhi Abdulla P H  silver in 400m (       )                                    Pradeep Mathew Paul (800m)                                                Sreekumar D (400m)
Singapore K M Binu Bronze Medal  in 800m (1:49.60)

Malaysia Sajeesh Joseph  Bronze in 800m (1:53.50)                           Clinton K J Gold in Long Jump (7.57m)
1992 New Delhi K M Beenamole Gold in 800m (2:07.73)                                 K.K. Saramma Bronze in 400m (55.07)                                   K.S. Bijimole Bronze in 800m (2:08.36)                                      Lekah Thomas Bronze in Long Jump (5.98m)
1996 New Delhi K M Beenamole Silver in 400m (55.01)                                Jaicy Thomas Bronze in High Jump (1.70m)

Afro Asian Games 1

Manoj Lal K J 4th in 400m (46.14), P. Ramachnadran
P. S Primesh 5th in 800m ( 1:52.00), Jincy Ramachnadran 5th in 400m 4th in 4x400m, Bobby Aloysius Silver in High Jump (1.88)
Anju Bobby George Gold in Long Jump (6.53 )


Commonwealth Games


Suresh Babu Bronze in Long Jump
Ravikumar- Participated in Triple Jump

Brisbane Mercy Kuttan First lady to represent India
Manchester Anju Boby George Bronze in Long Jump First Indian Lady Win a medal in the Games


Arjuna Award Winners from Kerala

Sri. T.C. Yohannan  
Sri. Suresh Babu
Ms. Angel Mary Joseph
Ms. M.D.Valsamma
Ms. P T Usha
Ms. Shiny Abraham
Ms. Mercy Kutttan
Ms. K Saramma
Ms. K.C.Rosakutty
Ms. Padmini Selvan
Ms. K.M.Beenamol
Ms. Anju Bobby George


Sinimole Paulose      


G.V. Raja Award winners in Athletics

1976-77 M.B.Sathayanandan   1978-79 M.B.Suresh Babu, Jose C Kappan

1980-81 P.T.Usha, Mercy Mathew,
Sreekumari Amma, M.P Sobhana,
K.S.Viswanathan Nair,A.V.Asokan,
Najeeb Mohammed, Rajan Joseph,
Abraham Mathew, Elizabeth K Mathai
M.Maya, Padmini Thomas, Susamma Daniel, Sani Joseph

  1981-82 Shiny K Abraham, M.D.Valsamma,
Anie Varghese, V.Chandrika,
K C Valsa, K V Remesan,
K Suresh Raj, Francis Xavier
1982-83 V.A.Ibrahim, M.T.Mary   1983-84 K.K.Premachandran, Alphonsa Kurian,
Subash George
1985-86 P.T.Rajeev   1987-88 Philomina Joseph, Dolly K Joseph,
Ibrahim Cheenika, Mini P A
1988-89 Bobby Aloysius, M.B.Sadasivan   1989-90 M.C.Sebatian, Roy P Joseph, M.A.Eldo, K.S. Bijimol,
Shiny Varghese
1991-92 Ancy Philip, K.Saramma, C.S.Muraleedharan,
P.V.Raju, Manoj P M, Santhimol Philips,
Rose Antony Alias
  1994-95 Beena Augustine

1998-99 K.M.Beenamol   2000-01 Molly Biju
2001-02 K.J.Manoj Lal, Preeja Sreedharan      


Padmasree Award winners

Shiny Wilson


Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Ms. K.M .Beenamol

2004 Ms. Anju Bobby George


Dhronachariya Award Winner

Sri. O.M.Nambiar 1985

Sri. Bobby George-2003
Sri. A K Kutty- 2010
Sri. K P Thomas - 2013
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